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What Happens to Your Christmas Decorations in the New Year?

When you live in an apartment, storage space is at a premium, which makes transforming your home into a Christmas wonderland a bit of an organisational nightmare. Between the artificial tree, the lights, and the decorations – you’re left with a lot of seasonal décors that needs a long-term home.

storing your christmas decorations

So, where do you put it?

Do you chuck it all in a box and try to stuff it into your already overflowing cupboards? Or, do you dump it in the corner of your spare room, close the door, and try not to look at it for the next 11 months?

Neither of these options is ideal, and here’s why!

Improperly Stored Artificial Trees and Lights Can be a Fire Hazard

Artificial Christmas trees accumulate a lot of dust over the year, while they’re just sitting there unused. If they’re not stored properly, the dust that accumulates on the branches can be highly flammable. If you have a pre-lit Christmas tree, the flammability of your tree is much higher.

This makes finding a safe and secure place to store your Christmas tree very important, as it minimises any fire risks.

Properly Stored Trees and Decorations will Have a Longer Life-Span

Not only will this save you money on replacement decorations, it will also help the environment. Discarded artificial Christmas trees and decorations usually end up in the landfill, and these man-made items can take hundreds of years to break down. As they’re breaking down, however, the plastic and chemicals that are used to produce them start forming leachate, which is hazardous when it finds its way into the earth and waterways.

So, the longer you use your tree and decorations, the less you’ll be contributing to Australia’s increasing landfill issue.

Safely Storing Your Christmas Decorations will Reduce Clutter Around Your Home

A cluttered space makes winding down at home after a long day at work a difficult task. Research has also shown that people who surround themselves with clutter tend to have a poor diet, as clutter can increase stress levels, are less efficient both in and away from the home when it comes to completing tasks and finding motivation, and suffer from poorer levels of mental health.

On top of the negative repercussions to your health, a cluttered home also affects the visual allure of a space that you should be able to take great pride in.

How Can You Solve Your Storage Dilemma

This brings us back to our original question, what should you do with your decorations post-Christmas when space is at a premium?

Well, that’s easy! More and more body corporate groups and apartment developers are investing in over bonnet storage lockers for their car parks. This means that when Christmas has come and gone and New Years’ celebrations are starting to wind down, you can pack away your Christmas decorations and store them safely inside your lockable, dust-proof storage locker that sits over your car bonnet in your allocated parking space.

If your apartment complex is yet to take advantage of this fantastic storage solution, get them to contact us today! An over bonnet storage locker will make everyone’s life easier!