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On-Site Storage VS Off-Site Storage: Which is Better?

One of the biggest disadvantages of apartment living is the limited storage space. This is because apartments typically lack the external storage facilities that homeowners have come accustomed to when living in a house or unit, like garden sheds and garages.


To make up for this, apartment owners and body corporate groups have started looking for new and innovative ways to store household goods that aren’t in regular use. For some, this has meant investing in off-site self-storage services, while other apartment buildings have invested in on-site garage storage units to solve this dilemma.

But, which is better?


Off-Site Storage

Off-site storage facilities are good for if you have an abundance of larger items, like furniture that you’re not using but don’t want to throw out. They’re also good for storing bigger quantities of household goods if you’re renting out your home while you go overseas or a member of your family has just passed and you need somewhere to store their belongings in the short-term.


However, if you just have a handful of extra items that you need to store and don’t have enough space in your cupboards at home, off-site storage can be expensive and largely unnecessary.


Another downside of off-site storage is that paying for a self-storage unit in the long-term isn’t always financially viable, and even if it is, it can be an unnecessary expense.


When considering off-site storage, also have a think about how often you will need to access your goods. Even though self-storage facilities usually boast easy access to your goods whenever you need it, is it really practical for you to make the trip out to the facility every time you want to quickly use something?


While off-site storage is a suitable option for some people, more and more apartment buildings are making the switch to secure on-site storage.


On-Site Carpark Storage Solutions

All of the aforementioned downsides of renting an off-site self-storage unit can be eliminated when using on-site storage. In the past, on-site apartment storage has meant keeping your belongings in storage cages that can be easily broken into. However, over bonnet storage cabinets in apartment car parks are the storage solution for the future.

There are no ongoing costs, as the initial installation is the only relevant expense, they’re fully lockable and secure, and they sit above your car’s bonnet, ensuring they’re not a hindrance to you.


The inclusion of on-site basement storage will also help increase an apartment’s value when it comes time to sell by having up to 3.2m3 of on-site storage. Apartment buyers want to purchase a property that has all of the modern conveniences they need, like extra storage space!


One of the biggest benefits of on-site storage, however, is that you can access your belongings whenever you need them, without having to pay exorbitant fees for a third party business to store them for you.


We supply Australia-wide, so if you’re part of a body corporate or a development/construction company that’s looking to provide extra on-site storage, without wasting precious space in the building’s carpark, talk to the guys at Storebay today.


We can run you through the list of bulk discounts available and the benefits associated with our garage storage solutions, as well as how it add value to each property/ the apartment complex and how the process works.


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