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Safe and Secure Over Bonnet Storage Units for Apartment Buildings

Do you own a residential apartment block, or are you in the process of constructing a residential apartment block or set of units? With crime rates in Australia continuing to rise, there are now roughly 38,000 apartment break-ins in Australia each year.

apartment storage

This means that not only do apartment dwellers have limited storage space; they also have very few places to safely store their belongings.

The following table illustrates the exact rates of break-ins in Australia, based on the dwelling type.

Victims of Break-Ins by Dwelling Structure
Dwelling structure Break-in All households
number rate number
‘000 % ‘000
Separate house 184.3 3.1 5 905.3
Semi-detached or terrace house/townhouse etc. 34.4 3.9 876.5
Flat or apartment – on ground level 15.9 3.8 422.2
Flat or apartment – not on ground level 22.2 4.3 518.1
Other dwelling(b) *3.1 *2.3 133.4
Total 259.8 3.3 7 855.6
*Information from 

But what can be done to try and reduce these figures?

While better security measures, like cameras and entry cards, definitely make it more difficult for burglars to enter apartment buildings, more and more apartment car parks are becoming the target for Australian criminals. This is especially the case in buildings that have storage cages in their underground car parks.

As an extra security measure, and to increase tenants’ useable storage space, over bonnet storage lockers are becoming popular in apartments.

These storage units don’t take up any extra space, as they sit against the wall and above the bonnets of cars and four-wheel drives, and they are fully-lockable and secure.

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