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Just How Much Stuff Can You Actually Fit in an Over Bonnet Storage Cabinet?

A lot of people don’t realise just how big our over bonnet storage cabinets actually are. They have a storage capacity of 2.6 cubic metres, but to put that into a little perspective, here’s a rundown of the type of stuff you can easily store in your storage locker.

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Musical Equipment

In one seemingly small storage locker, you could easily fit enough musical equipment to cater for a small band. From drum kits to guitars and amplifiers, with some Tetris skills, you can squeeze in your equipment and music collection, and still, have room for a few more bits and bobs.

Camping Gear

Apartments don’t really have the space to accommodate your camping gear if you’re a lover of the outdoors, and your Mrs probably wouldn’t want all that stuff lying around the place anyway. So chuck your tents, camping chairs and coolers all in your carpark storage cabinet.


One of the biggest downsides of living in an apartment is that you forgo the opportunity to have a garage. But, living in an apartment doesn’t mean you won’t ever need your tools. Whether you need to fix a leaking sink, want to put up a shelving unit or just need somewhere to store your car jack, our storage units will be invaluable. You can store things like toolboxes and power drills, and even throw in some cleaning equipment, like brooms, mops and buckets, and still have plenty of space leftover.


Smaller pieces of furniture will easily fit in an over bonnet storage cabinet. Some examples include chairs, ottomans, beanbags, and even bar stools.


Need somewhere to store the backpack you used when you went backpacking around Europe for six months two years ago? Chuck it in your storage cabinet. Have a bunch of suitcases or overnight bags you need to get out of the apartment? No problem. Plus, if you store them inside each other, you’ll be able to fit even more!

Sporting Equipment

Your storage locker is the perfect size for sporting equipment. Whether you coach children’s soccer on the weekend and have a huge bag of balls to store, or you need somewhere to keep your bike – an over bonnet storage cabinet is the perfect solution for you! Some examples of what you can store include yoga mats, foam rollers, exercise steps and boogie boards, as well as cricket bats and stumps, plus much more!

Think of your storage locker as a replacement for traditional garage storage, and you’ll quickly realise just how valuable an over bonnet cabinet can be.

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