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What Items Should and Shouldn’t be Stored in Your Basement Car Park?

Have you ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t store in your basement storage locker, or in your handy over bonnet storage cabinet in your basement car park?

While it’s pretty safe to say a bike can be safely stored outside your apartment, things like tinned food and paint cans are best kept indoors.

Here, we run through the different ways your excess household goods should be stored.

Items that Shouldn’t be Stored in Your Basement Car Park Locker

While your over bonnet storage unit is a handy storage area, there are certain household goods that are better kept inside.

Canned food

If you buy your non-perishables in bulk, it’s convenient to chuck them in an apartment storage unit until you have space for them in the pantry. However, canned food should always be kept indoors.

Despite secure packaging, the temperature fluctuations in underground car parks and storage lockers can cause bacteria to grow inside the cans. You should also keep any food items that are packaged with cardboard inside, as a number of nasty critters can easily find their way into things like cereal boxes.

Paint cans

Ask most people where they store their left over paint and they’ll probably say in the garage, or in their storage locker if they live in an apartment. However, contrary to popular belief, these actually aren’t the best places to store paint.

When you store excess paint outside of your home, you’re exposing it to extreme temperatures, such as heat during summer and the cold during winter. These conditions can render paint unusable, and your cans can also rust quicker when they’re exposed to moisture.


Once again, extreme and fluctuating temperatures can damage electronic equipment, plus, electrical wires and cords look pretty tasty to critters than can be found lurking in the corners of underground car parks and undercover outdoor areas.

Items that Should be Stored in Your Over Bonnet Storage Cabinet

So, what can you store in your basement car park?

Well, the list is immense. From sporting equipment to hardware, your garage provides some much-needed space for items that you don’t want cluttering up your home.

Sporting equipment

Everything from surfboards to basketballs and tennis equipment can be stored in an over bonnet storage locker. These aren’t items you would want lying around the house, and since they’re made for outdoor use, keeping them in a semi-outdoor area will make for easy access.


Tools are another thing you don’t want lying around your apartment taking up space, so chuck them in a toolbox and keep them in your handy over bonnet storage locker.

If you have minimal storage space in your apartment storage unit, or in your garage, talk to Storebay about our car park storage solutions today!