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The Future of Apartment Storage: A Brisbane South Fit-Out

The Storebay Australia team recently completed a car park fit-out as part of a major Brisbane developer’s new apartment development project.

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Located in a coveted area of Brisbane South, the apartment car park, which is partially exposed to the elements required a practical and secure storage solution.

To ensure each of the new residents would have access to secure on-site storage, we were asked to install our state-of-the-art over car bonnet storage cabinets.

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Working in consultation with the client, it was agreed the TowerMax storage cabinets would be the best option, as they have longer legs and are height adjustable to suit larger vehicles, like SUVs and 4WDs. In total, 18 over bonnet storage lockers were installed.

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One of the biggest benefits of the TowerMax Over Bonnet Storage cabinets is that they’re fully powder-coated, which means they’re built to withstand the elements. Because the car park was partially exposed, our over bonnet storage lockers were the perfect option, as the rust-protection will ensure longevity.

Over bonnet storage lockers

The installation was completed within a four-day period by the StoreBay team. The cabinets are stylish, lockable, and weather-resistant and will ensure residents have secure extra space to store items that they don’t want clogging up their storage space indoors.

The end result is exactly what the developer was after, and is an exceptional example of our quality workmanship and commitment to service.

To learn more about our over bonnet storage solutions for apartment car bays, contact the team at Storebay today.