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Fool-proof Storage Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Are you an Airbnb host? What do you do with your valuable or excess personal belongings when you have someone staying at your property? Where do you store all the little extras you like to supply your guests, like mini soaps, shampoos, and extra towels?


These are the questions that often plague Airbnb hosts across the country, and unless you have plenty of storage nooks and crannies or a spacious, unused garage, you might not have an answer.


So, what can you do?


This is where our over bonnet storage lockers come in.


Airbnb Storage Solutions            


Apartment storage is always tricky, but regardless of the size of your property, if you’re leasing out rooms or the entire property to short-term holidaymakers, storage really will be at a premium.


If you have an apartment in a building with body corporate, you might want to bring up the potential to get over bonnet storage cabinets installed in the underground carpark. These unobtrusive lockers will provide you with enough extra space to store a surprisingly large amount of items.


The main benefit of these to Airbnb hosts is that you can safely store your belongings away from any prying eyes. Have you ever had guests raid the bathroom and kitchen for any freebies or supplies you’ve left them, taking more than what’s allocated to them? If you store your bulk supplies or any extra personal care, cleaning or kitchen items off-site, you won’t have to worry about guests finding your extra stores.


However, above bonnet storage cabinets aren’t just suitable for apartments, they can also be beneficial for homeowners trying to make a little extra cash by renting out their spare room or bungalow. You might need to clear personal belongings out of the room before you rent it out, but don’t have an orderly place to put it. Maybe you’re a little wary about the type of person you might get staying at your property, so would like to have a secure, lockable area to store some of your more valuable items. Whatever your need, our over car bonnet storage lockers are a great solution.


How Storebay Can Help


Storebay is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of over bonnet storage. Designed to sit above the bonnet of a car, even large models like 4WDs, our lockers come with the following features:


  • Solid steel construction
  • Fire-safe design and materials
  • Gas struts for easy opening and closing
  • A secure, three-way locking system
  • Height adjustable to meet the needs of people with smaller or larger vehicles
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, powder-coated finish
  • A freestanding, unobtrusive design


If you want to improve the storage capacity of your Airbnb rental, get in touch with the team at Storebay today! We have factory direct options available for builders and strata, and can assist with individual needs, and Airbnb hosts that have multiple properties.