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Easter Weekend ‘Spring’ Cleaning

While the Easter long weekend might fall in autumn in Australia, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the four-day break to do a little much-needed ‘spring’ cleaning. In fact, it’s the perfect time to get your home storage solutions in order, making your apartment feel more spacious and less cluttered.


But where do you start?


Pull Out Everything in Your Apartment That You Don’t Regularly Use


How much stuff do you have lying around that you only use one every blue moon? Are these possessions stopping you from properly utilising a space, or storing stuff you would actually use frequently?


If you don’t use it all the time, pull it out and put it in a pile in the middle of your living room. This might include seasonal items like decorations, or appliances that rarely get used, like portable heaters that you only use in the height of winter, or pedestal fans that rarely get used because you have air conditioning.


These items might not be things you want to get rid of, but they are senselessly cluttering up your space, so a suitable storage alternative needs to be found.


This is where our over bonnet storage lockers come in.


Take Advantage of Your Building’s Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets


More and more residential developments and buildings managed by forward-thinking body corporates are recognising the value of over bonnet storage solutions. These storage lockers, that sit above your car’s bonnet in the undercover car parks of apartment buildings and units, are more secure and practical than traditional ‘cage’ storage, and can store a lot more stuff in them than you might initially think.


Available in a range of sizes, these functional storage units will give you the space you need to clean out your over-flowing wardrobe, and to finally get that toolbox off your kitchen bench!


Storebay Australia’s available sizes include:


These are designed to sit above any style of car, including 4WDs. In them, you can fit everything from a drum kit to paint cans, holiday decorations, or whatever your heart desires.


Once you’ve got all of that extra clutter out of your apartment and safely stored away in your storage locker, you’ll be able to re-arrange your rooms, tidy up your cupboards. And even start thinking about any new furniture or décor you’ve wanted to purchase but never had the room for.


To learn more about how an over cabinet storage locker from Storebay can help solve your apartment woes or to help convince your body corporate to invest in building-wide units, call the team at Storebay on 1300 379 580, or fill in our online enquiry form.