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Apartment Storage Solutions for Downsizers

Back in the early 2000s, as few as three per cent of Australians over the age of 50 were downsizing from their family homes.

over bonnet storage units

This figure has increased dramatically over the last decade, with a new survey from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute revealing that 43 per cent of Australians aged between 50-59 have moved to a smaller dwelling as they approached retirement.

For many of these soon-to-be-retirees, this decision isn’t just a financial one, as more and more older Australians are selling their family homes and moving into luxury inner-city apartments.

This lifestyle choice has become a popular option for downsizers, as they want to enjoy all of the features of their old home, minus the maintenance. However, despite finding themselves in the centre of Australia’s cultural and dining hubs, it does beg the question, what do they do about storage?

Storebay’s Apartment Storage Solutions


In inner city and suburban apartments, one of the main design pitfalls is that smaller dwellings inevitably come with more limited storage options. This has led to a spark in demand for car park storage solutions, with more apartment and building owners investing in garage storage cabinets to combat this issue.

Here at Storebay, we’re committed to ensuring downsizers moving into apartments have access to enough storage, so they don’t have to part way with their prized possessions or essential goods.

This is where our garage storage cabinets come in, as they’re a functional over car storage solution that increases storage space, without increasing clutter or reducing the amount of functional space within the apartment itself.

We understand that off-site storage can be a bit of a pain, especially if the items you need to store are ones that you use regularly or like to have close by. Off-site storage can also get expensive when you’re constantly paying rental fees and having to travel to and from the facility whenever you need access to your goods.

With an over bonnet storage solution, all you have to do is head down to the basement and unlock your handy garage storage cabinet.

Features of Our Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets

  • Solid, all steel construction
  • Storage capacity of up to 3.2 cubic meters
  • Fire safe design and materials
  • Stabilus Gas struts for easy opening and closing
  • Secure Lenlok 3-way locking system
  • Height adjustable for most SUV’s
  • Fully Powder-Coated Finish
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sits free-standing on your car space floor
  • Free installation

Our units are also the preferred apartment storage solution by body corporate groups, so you can rest assured your cabinet meets all of your building’s standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our cleverly designed carpark storage solutions.