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5 Benefits Of Over Bonnet Storage

Are you considering the pros and cons of getting over bonnet storage installed? Here are our top five reasons for installing an over bonnet unit, whether for a whole complex, or an individual property.

over bonnet storage

Preserve Your Possessions

Rather than some traditional apartment storage options, such as cage storage, over bonnet lockers can protect goods from being damaged by the elements. The protection it provides also allows for more versatile installation, as over bonnet storage cabinets can protect your goods whether stored inside or outside. Storebay storage units also come with anti-rust proofing, to ensure they can withstand any weather.

Secure Storage

Having storage items blocked from view not only protects them from bad weather, but it also deters against theft. The value of stored items is better disguised by over bonnet, cabinet-style storage, making belongings a less likely target.

Items stored in the parking areas of apartment buildings are often not included in insurance policies, so the security of these storage facilities is even more pertinent.

Added Value

If you are looking to increase the value of your development or individual apartment, adding storage space to a car park is an easy way to do this. Installing over bonnet storage requires no extra space, and easily capitalises on space you already have. This is especially the case in inner-city properties where storage space is considered a premium feature.


Having extra storage space in the garage or parking area of a complex also creates the illusion of extra space inside a building. Because storage is located in the parking area, there may be room to add extra features, such as an office or laundry, to the apartment itself.

Keep it Tidy

Without designated storage space in garages, items tend to be left haphazardly on the ground.


Having space designated for storage keeps garage areas tidy, and prevents tenants from amassing mess in communal spaces. Storage units also ensure a consistent and neat appearance in complexes.


Even if you aren’t living in an apartment, over bonnet storage can still help you organise your garage and keep it looking neat.


Keep Things at Hand

It can be a fine balance between keeping things out of the way and keeping them within easy reach. For many people, storing items off-site might seem inconvenient, however, off-site storage is a viable storage alternative in areas where space is already lacking. Over bonnet storage means that items will be out of the way of your everyday living space, but never too far away.


Extra Storage for Airbnb Hosts

If you’re renting your apartment out to holidaymakers as an Airbnb host, where do you store your personal possessions while a room or the entirety of your apartment is rented out?

Regardless of how long your apartment will be occupied by guests, you might not feel comfortable leaving all of your possessions inside. This is where an over bonnet storage locker can come in handy. Simply move anything you would like to keep safe into your storage cabinet in your carpark and you can rest assured your goods will be safe and sound until your guest leaves.


To talk through the storage needs of your particular building or car space, contact us today. One of our experts will be happy to provide a solution for your individual storage needs.